Contributed Talks

The LaTeX template and the corresponding PDF file for the abstract of a talk can be downloaded from here.

By preparing your abstract, please follow these guidelines.

  • Do not modify the dimension and spacing of the template.
  • The maximum length including the references (if any) is one page.
  • Name the file with the first name, family name of the speaker and "ecmi2023" as shown in the template.
  • Optionally, you can insert a short note of acknowledgement as shown in the commented lines.


Please, upload the PDF file of your abstract and a zip file containing its LaTeX file to the EquinOCS system into the session corresponding to the minisymposium, where you will present your work.

Submission will be done through the EquinOCS system:


Additionally, while submitting, please choose "00. Contributed talks" in the “Category” dropdown menu.


The deadline of the talks’ submission is 29th May 2023.

To proceed, you have to register in the EquinOCS system. Remember to also register separately for the conference.

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